Designs of lately

A mockup magazine cover for a ”subscription deal” email, made in Canva. Image via unsplash, Atikh Bana.

I’ve been enjoying working quite a lot in Canva lately, since I treated myself to a pro membership a few months ago.
I’m not new to this gem of design tool, but I’m almost annoyed that it took me almost four years to realize exactly how good it is… Not only for producing material on your own but also for getting a bunch of great inspiration and creative tips.

This bad boy is a mix of Canva, used for the layout, and a ”pamplet” I designed in Photoshop for a mockup brand we’re using in presentations etc.
Two variations of the same newsletter banner, designed in Canva. Image via unsplash, Jazmin Quanor.

Here are three examples of banners made for yet another mockup brand newsletter, made in Canva.

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