Home base

Living in Nynäshamn,  a one hour commute away from Stockholm, you may think that I’m fed up of the traveling back and forth. 

And well, yes… That may be the case sometimes, but I recently came to the conclusion that it’s more important to me to live close to my family at this period of my life, than having a shorter distance to my workplace. 

The Basics

Born in 1986. The middle one of three sisters. A true Gemini. (You don’t believe in astrology, you say? Oh it’s fine, since I’m a Gemini I can totally see both sides!)

Loves cats. And dogs. And other cute, fluffy friends. Constantly searching for the perfect sweatshirt and/or tea mug. Enjoy Christmas to the point that I have a blog solely dedicated to the season. On the other hand, I do not care much for summer. (So sue me!)

Nerdist wiki

Total typography nerd:
Tell me your favorite font and I tell you who you are.

Don’t mind the Starwars- and/or The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy-references. If you don’t get them, I will explain them to you. 

Stepped into the Mac universe in the late summer of 2015 – and will never go back to PC.